32-A Tension Packer


The RDS 32-A Tension Set Packer is a versatile, easy to use tension set tool, which holds differential pressure from above or below. It is designed to run, set, reset and retrieve easily even under adverse conditions. It is ideal for squeeze cementing, casing testing, stimulation treatments and straddle operations using a retrievable bridge plug. Full-bore design minimizes the potential for screen-out during fracturing, does not restrict flow rates and allows the use of through-tubing tools without pulling the packer

SIZES FROM:  9 5/8” (244mm) to 13 3/8”(339.72mm)

  • Squeeze Cementing
  • Casing Testing
  • Stimulation
  • Straddle Operations
  • Zone Isolations


  • Field proven design is versatile; meets most production, stimulation, and injection needs
  • A simple 1/4 turn to set and unset
  • Holds pressure from above and below
  • Internal Safety Joint above J-Pins
  • Bi-directional Slips