DT Crisscross Sub

PRODUCT NUMBER: 10-104-3500-00

Renown’s revolutionary new Drop-Thru CrissCross Sub is ideal for gravel pack operations.  This tool allows forward circulation out the bottom of your inner-string to help achieve setting depths.  Once on depth a shifting ball is landed directing the flow out the side of the tool, allowing sand or gravel overtop of the liner packer.  Once a satisfactory volume of slurry is pumped a secondary ball will land in the DT  CrissCross Sub closing the annular directed flow, and releasing the initial setting ball to be seated below.


  • Adjustable shear
  • Thermal Capable
  • Locking latch
  • Large circulating ports
  • Internal by-pass system
  • Fully balanced piston
  • Allows initial ball to set in achieve hydraulic pressure in running tools below

*Premium threads available