Gas Vent Packers

Gas Vent Packers

PRODUCT NUMBER: 20-028-xxxx-00

The Gas Vent Pumping Packer offers an inexpensive option for isolating casing leaks or depleted perforations in pumping wells. This tool prevents gas lock by allowing gas to vent to the surface past damaged zones. The interval between top and bottom cups can be any length. This packer is available with double or multiple cups. Available in NBR, EPDM, HSN/HNBR, VITON, AFLAS, BARRIER and other elastomers.  These tools can be built to suit each and every well.



  • Proven design and technology
  • Thermal capabilities
  • Short and compact for easy handling
  • Tandem and stackable systems available
  • Pin x Pin or Pin x Box connections
  • Premium connection available

*Cup mandrels can be stacked and positioned in opposing directions.