Model ’HS’ Liner Hanger Packer

Model ’HS’ Liner Hanger Packer


This liner top system has a hydraulic chamber built into the tool itself, allowing for larger I.D. on the setting tool and more pack-off at the liner packer element.   This makes it ideal for thermal applications that require ‘hard set’ elements to be packed off.  The vulcanized underset element system allows for faster running time as there is less chance for element scrubbing or failure.

The Model ‘HS’ Liner Top packer / Hanger requires the ‘RDS’ Liner running tool to be used for running in the well bore, setting and releasing the running string. With a secondary rotational release.


  • Full bore design for no restriction in liner
  • High pack-off on element system for superior seal
  • All shoulders are bevelled for easy entry of downhole equipment into the liner top
  • Upper Tieback Barrel can be built in .5m intervals to a maximum of 3.5m
  • Molded steel to rubber element for more rugged running and sealing capabilities
  • Can be used with the ‘RIP’ plug system (Patented)
  • Can be used to land inside of Tie back barrels with an isolation seal assembly
  • Stacking can be done easily if required with Renown DS tieback seal assembly
  • Thermal capabilities