Omegatrieve ‘R’


The Omegatrieve packer is a full-bore, bi-directional, resettable service packer used for cementing, stimulation and production testing operations that may be configured as either Left or Right-Hand set. This packer utilizes hydraulic hold-down slips located above the elements. The slips are engaged with pressure differential from below, making it ideal for deep and high-pressure service work. The hydraulic slip configuration prevents solids or cement from entering the slip system and provides the ability to unset the packer with a straight pull without rotation of the tubing. The packer contains a large by-pass, allowing fluid to equalize between the tubing and annulus, reducing the swabbing effect during run-in and retrieval. The Omegamatic may be ran in conjunction with a retrievable bridge plug, such as the TTU Mechanical Set Bridge Plug for straddle work.