On/Off Overshots

On/Off Overshots


The “RDT-2” On-Off Tool allows the tubing string to be disconnected above the packer. The assembly contains an internal Landing Nipple Profile that allows wireline blanking plugs to be installed for zonal isolation below the packer. The “T-2” has 2 basic components: the Overshot which is mounted on the tubing string and the Stinger which is mounted on the packer. The Overshot disengages with either standard Left-Hand release or optional Right-Hand quarter turn release. Shear UP or Shear DOWN positions are compatible with packer setting and retrieving styles. The Jay Shoe on the bottom of the overshot helps center the Overshot and also cuts through debris.

Standard Left Hand Release, with available Right Hand Release, and No-Jay/No-Rotation release. The Bonded Seals allow multiple disconnects without retrieval, Non-Elastomeric Seals are available. Different styles and sizes of internal Landing Nipple Profiles can be supplied machined into the Stinger, allowing the profile to be matched to the tubing ID. Full Drift and Solid Stingers are available.


  • Allows tubing retrieval without disturbing the packer.
  • Allows full pressure test at surface.
  • Quarter turn release simplifies operation.
  • Simple design is “rig-operator” friendly.
  • Rugged and dependable design.
  • Allows packer to be used as a Bridge Plug.
  • 2-Lug and 3-Lug design