Slip Type Coil Connect

Slip Type Coil Connect


The RDS Dimple Connector is used to attach coiled tubing to BHA (bottom hole assembly) and meets the high load capability for high torque and pulling applications. The Dimple connector is highly recommended for all applications where the increased O.D of tooling will not interfere with work being completed.

The Slip Connector was designed for quick and easy installation. Its cost effective robust design  allows for high tensile loads. The Slip type connector is not recommended for applications           involving torque or vibration

Easily installed, the RDS Slip Dimple Connector has a solid grip with a durable body for those   abrasive jobs. The addition of dimple screws to a standard slip connector allows the Slip Dimple Connector to expand capabilities to withstand torque and vibration.

Renown offers an Internal Dimple Connector that takes torque and is durable for those tough service applications. Seam removal tool also available for easy coil preparation when using Internal Dimple Connector. Keeping to standard connections the Internal Dimple Connector will allow a completely “slim-line” tool string that is no bigger than the coiled tubing being used.