AD-1 Tension Packer


The Model “AD-1” Tension Packer provides a compact, economical retrievable packer for use where a set down type packer is impractical because of pressure requirements. Although designed primarily for water flooding, this packer can also be used for such pressuring operations as formation fracturing in shallow or low-fluid-level wells. Often used in tandem runs with bridge plugs because of its simplicity and safety shear.


  • Short And Compact – Increases the efficiency of handling, shipping, and storing, as well as operations on the rig.
  • Rocker-Type Slip Design – Eliminates the need for extra drag block, slip tie links, and guide grooves, thus making possible not only shorter packers but ones permanently free from stuck or cocked slips.
  • Easy To Operate – A simple and reliable J-Slot mechanism, actuated from the surface by tubing rotation, makes the packer easy to set and release.
  • Full-Bore – Larger than tubing drift diameter. Any instruments capable of passing thru the tubing can be run thru the packer. Full ID also assists in preventing screen-out and subsequent plugging of the tubing during fracturing.
  • Adjustable safety shears
  • Thermal capabilities