BR-20 Hydraulic Setting Tool

BR-20 Hydraulic Setting Tool


The rugged BR-20 hydraulic setting tool was developed to facilitate the ever changing larger and bigger casing sizes required in the industry as well as the needs to set larger isolation equipment. As casing sizes increase so does the pack off force. With the BR-20 setting tool there is more setting area in the chambers then any other tool on the market. It allows powerful setting force with minimal hydraulic force. The BR-20 is able to set any tool designed for an E-4/Baker 20.

The BR-20 will produce 75,000lbs (33,480kg) packoff force with less the 3000psi (21mpa). This tool also offers optional fill flow check valves to fill the tubing string while running in to minimalize setting time.


  • Simple service
  • Compatible with all E-4 and Baker 20 tools
  • Optional fill flow check valves
  • Simple running procedures
  • Unparalleled pack off force.
  • Compact design