Mechanical Setting Tool

Mechanical Setting Tool


The R.D.S Mechanical Setting Tool is designed to run and mechanically set the Cement Retainer or the Cast Iron Bridge Plug at any depth on tubing or drill pipe. The Setting Tool allows circulation through it and packs off the plug or retainer with tension and compression. The tool has internal clutching for rotational setting.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Locked to cement retainer or bridge plug to avoid premature setting or loss
  • Top slips partially covered to protect from accidental damage and preset
  • Allow users to set, pressure test tubing and squeeze in single trip
  • Can quickly be configured to set cement retainers or bridge plugs


  • Ideal for squeeze cementing & abandonments
  • Often used for pushing floating wiper plugs or fish down hole
  • Temporary or permanent zonal isolation.
  • Internal Clutching
  • Rotational set and release
  • Molded bonded seal