Model ‘HDO’ Mechanical Liner Hanger

Model ‘HDO’ Mechanical Liner Hanger


The large piston area compresses both individual elements creating a tandem seal. This allows a significantly stronger seal area with maximum pack-off force making it a superior horizontal liner packer. The dual sealing system endures the harshest of expansion and scrubbing environments.

Third party thermal testing has been completed to prove a capable pressure test when scrubbing up and down the casing walls due to thermal expansion and contraction in environments over 330°C (626°F).


  • Dual Elements creating a tandem seal
  • Open hole sealing capability
  • Adjustable shear
  • Thermal capable
  • Sets in high debris well bore
  • Can be ran in tandem with Renown’s ‘RIP’ plug system (Patented)
  • Hydraulic set, hydraulic release w/ emergency rotational shear release
  • Full bore design for no restriction in liner
  • High pack-off on element system for superior seal
  • All shoulders are bevelled for easy entry of downhole equipment into the liner top
  • Upper Tieback Barrel can be built in .5m intervals to a maximum of 3.5m