Model ‘S’ Lower Hanger

Model ‘S’ Lower Hanger

PRODUCT NUMBER: 40-014-7055-00

The ‘AS’ Standard Casing Patch is designed to give the customers an economical product for remedial isolation systems.

The Casing Patch is built to be fully retrievable and can be spaced out to cover extreme lengths.  It uses standard casing to provide customers maximum  I.D. and strength for dollar value.  The model ‘AS’ is straight mechanical set.  An Inner-String and Test Cup Extension can be ran to allow for a single trip pressure testing saving time and money.  The upper seal assembly can also be ran with hold down slips.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Mechanical set
  • Retrievable
  • Straight pull release
  • Thermal capabilities to 454°C
  • Bonded element
  • Single trip pressure testing
  • Large I.D.
  • Available Lower Safety Shear Sub
  • 16100kpa Burst pressure