S.C. Tension Unloader Valve

S.C. Tension Unloader Valve


Renown Down Hole Solutions S.C. Tension Unloader Valve provides a means of equalizing tubing and annulus pressures while in use with Tension Packers. It also serves as a by-pass allowing fluid to pass through the mandrel while running in and out with tubing. The S.C. Tension Unloader uses simple setting and releasing procedures to unload pressure from above or below. The Collet feature allows the valve to stay closed while picking up or setting weight on your packer. Torque can be used through this valve.


  • Rugged Build
  • Allows you to safely unset packers after being fully equalized
  • High Flow Area
  • Secure Seal
  • Molded seal
  • Available in 2 7/8”—4 1/2”
  • 10k Rated
  • Simple up to close and down to open procedure

*Premium threads available