R.I.P. Plug


The Renown DS ‘RIP’ Plug is a patented new tool that is used when running with liners that will require a retrievable bridge plug installation after the liner is in place, and the well bore will be open or exposed to atmosphere.
This unique system allows the resources of retrievable isolation plug to be ran with a liner packer/and setting tool all on one-trip of pipe, allowing the liner top system to have full function of being able to push, pull, rotate and circulate as a regular liner top system, and still be able to set hyd. or mechanically with no extra steps to set the ‘RIP’ Plug and isolate the well bore.

Simply go through the running and setting procedure of a regular liner setting tool, once liner is set you can open the circulation port and pressure up on the well bore for conformation and pressure testing of the ‘RIP’ Plug. Competitors’ systems require an additional round trip of pipe to set a retrievable isolation plug, costing time, money, wear and tear, and additional safety factors.

The patented system and method is the first of its type, and will also allow deeper logging capabilities.

The ‘RIP’ Plug is designed to be ran with the RDS Running Tool (Product # 30-001-xxxx) and almost all of Renown’s liner tops. This unique patented application was designed to give the best results, with little or no interference of setting procedures.


  • Patented design
  • Huge drilling time savings
  • Thermal Capable
  • Proves liner top seal
  • Fully retrievable
  • Multiple sizes
  • Field proven
  • No fear of swabbing out
  • Deeper logging capabilities
  • Large flow area preventing any well surging