Retrievable WRS Bridge Plugs

Retrievable WRS Bridge Plugs


The WRS Retrievable Bridge Plug is a product designed to isolate the wellbore when performing treatments such as fracturing, acidizing, surface equipment maintenance or temporary suspension of a producing formation. The WR can be set using electric wireline, coil tubing, drill pipe or tubing.

The WRS Plugs come with an economical 2 element stacks and are 7k rated. All plugs can be set up to accommodate different styles of well bores such as thermal applications for a variety of temperatures, heavy weight horizontal liners, sour wells and snub in operations. The WRS requires scorpion retrieval tools.


  • Field proven design is versatile
  • Compatible with common baker-20
  • Fully adjustable setting/equalizing shears
  • Variety of elastomers rated up to 330c
  • Equalization valve opens before elements and slips unsetting
  • Economically priced.
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Large equalization ports